Saturday, January 5, 2008

December 27, 2007- "There`s nothing like having something stolen from you to put a damper in your travel spirit"

I just came to the realization that the $150 that I had in cash is missing. I had it tucked inside my money belt, and then inside my purse, which in turn was tucked in my backpack under clothes. It really does go to show that you can`t trust anyone. The past two nights, I`ve been rooming with a friendly, young German couple who`ve been camping throughout Vanuatu. They`ve been offering me lots of travel advice, and even offered to lend me their Lonely Planet guide for a few days. I`ve also had a young Japanese roomate who had been traveling for the past 3 weeks throughout the country. Like the German couple, he too was very nice, and we actually spent last night watching the sunset together. These, plus the three maids I walked in on today while cleaning my room, are the only people who`ve entered the room.

I`m kicking myself now because I`m wondering if it wasn`t someone who was watching me this morning as I announced that I was heading into town to run some errands. One was showering, and the other two were reading. I carefully divided my money. I took a small bit with me and then tucked the remaining bills ($150) into my money belt, which I then tucked in my backpack. I am really suspicious as to whether or not someone was closely watching my strategy.The money means nothing to me, but what does bother me is that I really trusted these people, and yet it had to have been someone among them.

It could have been a lot worse a scenario in that my passport or credit cards could have been stolen, too. Therefore, I am counting my lucky stars and vowing to never be so stupid again as to leave anything behind (no matter how well hidden I may think that it is.)

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