Sunday, April 20, 2008

Night terrors?

Do you know what the sleep disorder "Night Terrors" is?.... I DO NOW!!!

... So last night I was sleeping quite peacefully (trying to catch up some much needed sleep!) when all of a sudden my top bunk was shaking!!!!!!!!!!!!

You might ask yourself, "Was it an earthquake?" NOPE!!! "Was it an elephant breaking into the hostel?" NOPE!!!... It`s my new Scottish roomate (on my bottom bunk) trembling uncontrollably. Next thing I know, she is jolting out of her bed and pacing back and forth across the room while shouting "stop it!", "NOOOOOOOO", and " leave me alone!" Freaked out, I jump out of my own bed and ask her if something is wrong. I ask her if she has had to much to drink thinking her outburst might be a bottle of wine talking or something. In a very disoriented tone, she tells me that she gets bad nightmares. I accept this, and she gets back into her bed just as quickly as she left it--- I`m still a little bit weirded out by her sudden outburst, and so struggle to fall back asleep. The craziness did not end here. There were about six additional outbursts throughout the night. Paralyzed with fear that she might be possessed by the devil (we`ve all seen it in movies), my gut was telling me to get the hell out of the room, but at the same time I was worried she might take my stuff...

Come morning, I was still utterly confused by the night`s events. I mean, I myself have been the victim of nightmares, but I just kind of wake up with a start, examine my surroundings, and then fall back asleep two seconds later once I acknowledge everything is okay (it was just a nightmare). It wasn`t until I googled the symptoms of her outbursts that I realized that she has a serious sleep disorder! All I could think was, "if she knows she has such a problem- why the heck did she book herself into a tiny 4-bed share dorm?"--- honestly, noboby NOBODY needs to witness something like that!!!!!!!

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