Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 15, 2008: "Oh Frig- There`s a Filippino Anne!"

My lord---- so apparently there is a Filippino version of Anne & as luck would have it--- I am living under her roof for the next 3 weeks! She cooks up a feast that would be big enough to feed an entire country and she sits there and watches me while saying "eat eat!" (She refuses to sit down--- she watches me from the kitchen). Then when I tell her I am full she replies with "EAT! EAT." However, when I tell her my clothes are feeling tight, she tells me "Marcella- control." (sound familiar?)

This morning, I went to iron my shirt and she grabbed the iron out of my hand. "Nannie do. Nannie do!" (apparently no one else in the house can do anything quite like she can--- sound familiar?)

Of course Nannie`s first question to me upon my arrival was "you Catholic?" and I was stupid enough to respond with a "yes." She dragged me to both a Catholic Women`s League meeting & a church service this morning. After 3 hours of church for the day, I thought I was in the clear, but then she springs on me that she teaches both junior and senior religion classes!!!!!!!!!!!! ("Marcella- you sit and observe with me") I tried to use the excuse that I need to prepare my classes for tomorrow and she guilt tripped me! Her words "If you can`t- that ok" (and then with a sad pouty face) "I like you observe. I like you observe. But that ok" (the guilt trip--- gee who invented that?)

She chases me around the house with a tube of neosporin insisting that I cover my mosquito bites--- "Marcella, it`s good. You put! You put!" (Sound familiar?)

Needless to say, I will be meeting Filippino Anne in an hour to watch a religion class (after which she will sit me down and pour about 5,000 calories down my throat) sniff sniff. On a more positive note, like our Canadian Anne, Filippino Anne has a hard time staying awake for the most part. She doses off quite often throughout the day--- bringing a bit of piece to us volunteers! haha

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