Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas in Fiji/Vanuatu

It amazes me the number of people who have never heard of the island of Vanuatu and who knows--- years from now I might even forget where it is myself (haha).

Thus, here is a basic map of the South Pacific/Australia:

And a breakdown of the individual South Pacific islands/countries I`ll be visiting this Christmas:

In Vanuatu (9 nights), I will be staying on the main island of Efate since it seems as though chartered flights are needed to get to any of the country`s outer islands (and they`ll be booked up for Christmas). In Fiji, I will be also be staying on the country`s main island of Viti Levu for the entire duration of my Fiji stay (12 nights).

My South Pacific Travel Itinerary:

December 11: Flight departs from Halifax (3:30pm)- Toronto- Los Angeles-Nadi, Fiji (18 hrs)

December 13: Flight arrives in Nadi, Fiji (5:15am Fiji time)

December 13: One night`s accommodation in a hotel near the Nadi airport (to recuperate from the flight/recover from jet lag)

December 14: 1 1/2 hours on a city bus from Nadi to the flashpacker resort (hostel) I`ll be staying at on the Coral Coast of the main island of Vitu Levu. (December 14- 24)

December 24: Take the bus back to Nadi and check in at the same airport hotel (another splurge night in my own hotel room--- hey, it`s Christmas eve!)

December 25: Flight Departs Nadi, Fiji (8:15am Fiji time)---> Port Vila, Vanuatu (1hr40mins)

December 25 & 26: Accommodation at a brand new flashpacker resort in Port Vila (dorm).

December 27- January 3: Accommodations TBA (depending on whether or not I meet up with other backpackers, I may venture out to the other islands. If not, I may just stay at this same flashpacker resort/hostel for my entire stay)

January 3:Flight departs Port Vila,Vanuatu(1:15pm Vanuatu time)--Brisbane-->Sydney,Aust. where I meet up with my friend Shaina, and settle down to work for the next 8+ months!

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