Thursday, December 6, 2007

Only 4 days to take off... How do I feel?

Next week at this time I`ll be loafing in a bikini on this exact white sand beach, shadowed by luscious palm trees, and peering out at the breathtaking aqua waters sprawling out before me. Fiji has always been my dream destination, and my fantasy is about to become my reality. Why Fiji? I remember sitting around Tanya`s Moncton apartment a few years back in the company of a friend of the family`s. This friend had traveled all over the world. At the time, I would not have even been able to fabricate the idea of ever leaving the Maritimes, let alone leaving to explore an international destination. I was utterly in awe of the image of traveling to so many foreign destinations. When asked what her preferred destination had been, there was no need for contemplation. It was simple: Fiji.

Throughout all of these years, this point blank response has stayed with me.

So how do I feel knowing that I am only a few days away from my very own chance to jump into the Fijian culture & scenery? For a second time (much like the way it was in waiting to leave for Korea), I don`t feel anything at all. I have made so many arrangements, pondered numerous itty bitty details about Fiji, searched through dozens of different accommodations and sites, and yet it still hasn`t dawned on me that I am going there.

I guess sometimes things just seem "too good to be true."

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