Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Journey unfolded: Desired destinations

My Journey: December 11, 2007 to December 5, 2008

So here I am- preparing myself for a year- long journey around the world. Though I have a broad itinerary tacked to the refrigerator which outlines my most basic plans for the upcoming year, there are numerous factors that will ultimately dictate its course. Availability of accommodation, work prospects, weather, time, & money are just a few of the many possible factors that could affect my travel plans. Australia, Fiji & Vanuatu are a done deal, but the following international destinations may see me passing through their immigration booths!

1). New Zealand: Apparently New Zealand is one of the world`s most breath- taking destinations. Not only is its scenery a supposed "must see", but it is a relatively inexpensive (and close) destination from Sydney.

2). Ecuador: I have signed up for a volunteer stint of 2-3 months in Quito, Ecuador for this upcoming Fall `08(following work in Australia). I have yet to commit myself by filling out the final paperwork and forking over the $400 deposit since September is still many months away, but it is more or less "a go."

3). Singapore &/or Indonesia (Bali): I hope to make it over to Broome on the west coast of Australia for a few months of work once I`m finished in Sydney. If this pans out, Singapore &/or Indonesia (Bali) are just a hop, skip & a jump away (okay a hop, skip & a jump over a fair distance of water, but close enough!)

4). Nepal: Flights to Ecuador from Sydney may be more expensive that I had anticipated. An unaffordable ticket to Ecuador may mean my having to change my volunteer destination; Nepal would be my second choice.

5). Other South Pacific island countries like: New Caledonia, the Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa : all relatively close to (and destinations from) Sydney with an excellently priced airline, Virgin Blue.

Now I know I`m jumping the gun by creating a list of only "possible" destinations for this upcoming year, but this is what I do: I strategize, I brainstorm, I hope, I plan & I make lists (even if they never come to be anything more than a word on a list. My lists are the incessant ramblings of a real "Vagabond")

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