Monday, December 10, 2007

Cutting Edge

Remember the movie "Cutting Edge" about the figure skater who goes through partners faster than pantyhose and the hockey player who is so desperate for any kind of a job after he busts his knee in hockey that he actually agrees to be her partner? Remember how despite being on the ice were the best times of his life, Doug was as sick as a dog every time he was about to take the ice?

Even though those thoughts of running through airports, browsing local markets, and job and apartment hunting in a foreign land excite me, with 24 hours remaining until my departure every little ache or pain is sending me into a state of hysteria. This time, the travel countdown has turned me into a bad hypochondriac! " Oh no! What does this backpain mean?" "Quick! Take my blood pressure!- It`s high? Oh Good- at least that means my organs aren`t bleeding out!"

It will soon be time to break out my breathing exercises! (haha?)

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