Saturday, January 5, 2008

December 18, 2007 "PLEASE NO MORE KAVA!!!"


Five days in Fiji and I`ve already had the pleasure of taking part in three different Kava ceremonies. Despite the fact that taking part in the Kava ceremonies is a fantastic way to experience the Fijian culture first- hand, I am all Kava`ed out!
Kava has long been the Fijian traditional drink. A root is grinded into powder and placed in a Kava bowl. Water is then added to the powder to form a muddy looking drink. Everyone gathers in a circle with their legs crossed. A Fijian male carefully scoops the liquid into a coconut shell (that acts as a drinking bowl) and hands it to someone in the circle. The individual claps once, says "Bula" which means cheers, and then proceeds to drink the Kava. Once finished every last drop, the individual says "Motha" which means "empty" or "finished" in Fijian and then claps three times while passing the cup back to the Chief.

Fijian men love their Kava and it is viewed as very sacred amongst the Fijian people. If you think "tequila" while drinking Kava, it goes down rather smoothly. Those who like it and those who do not are in agreement that it does indeed taste like mud or dirt to a certain extent. I imagine that it is one of those things that you must acquire a taste for in order to fully enjoy it.
Though I am by no means a fan of the taste of Kava, I do enjoy gathering into the Kava circle because it gives me the opportunity to see and experience first- hand one of the greatest attributes of the Fijian Culture. I find it so interesting the pleasure they take in joining together to indulge in something so very unique to their culture.

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