Saturday, January 5, 2008

December 19, 2007 "MOM! DAD! Get your passports in order...I`m Getting Married! haha"

The cutest yet possibly creepiest thing happened to me this afternoon as I was taking pictures at the far end of the Mango Bay beach. I was sitting on a rock with my camera as a group of young Fijian children were walking back to their village around the corner with their coconuts (they do this a lot). Behind the young children was a teenage Fijian boy. He stopped and started making small talk with me, asking me where I was from, etc. Next thing I know, he is asking me if I am single, telling me he thinks that I am beautiful, and that he wishes I could be his girlfriend. He then asked me to take his picture (that was the creepy part). Anyways, its funny the small things that can make a person`s day (mine, that is!)

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