Saturday, January 5, 2008

December 20, 2007- "Proud to be the Mango Bay Veteran!"

As of 10pm last night, I am officially the Mango Bay Resort Veteran! I had contemplated cutting my time at Mango Bay short in the hopes of venturing to the Yasawa Islands, islands recommended by Lonely Planet and various other guidebooks. However, after crunching some numbers, I realized that it was not feasible. For starters, the only way to get to the Yasawa Islands is by ferry which costs about $60 each way. Furthermore, the accommodations are significantly more expensive of which most require the purchase of a meal plan. In the long run, it made more sense to stay put at Mango Bay and take advantage of activities with the money that would have been spent on Yasawa transport.
I am satisfied with staying at Mango Bay Resort for the entire 10 nights as I had originally planned. I have met lots of cool people, have an entire dorm to myself (since it is low season), and am right on the beach— I`ve got everything I could possibly need!

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