Saturday, January 5, 2008

Good- bye Fiji! Sniff Sniff...

My 12 days in Fiji have drawn to an end and I look forward to my 9 days ahead in Vanuatu. Here` s a look back at my time at Mango Bay and in Fiji:

- Listening to and seeing the Fijian singers at the airport as I was entering the Nadi airport
- Walking along the main shopping street of Nadi town and really getting a feel for the
- Browsing through the aisles of the supermarkets of Nadi (I love exploring foreign products)
- My first Kava ceremony presented to me by some local village people on the floor of their shop - Traditional dancing by local Fijians at Mango Bay (Meke)
- Kayaking on the ocean with Bati
- Watching the fish jump from a boat out on the ocean
- Playing in the mud with the little Fijian boy on our island trip
- Snorkeling for the first time (amongst the fish)
- Bon fires on the beach with Jack on the guitar
- Lying on the beach for hours on end under the hot sun
- Listening to the "Isoles" song sang by the Fijian staff every second night in honor of both those arriving and those leaving
- Having an entire dorm to myself for several nights toward the end of my Mango Bay stay
- Walking along the beach
- Swimming while it poured rain
- Dodging frogs after dark (they were literally everywhere!)
- The Activity board that dictated how I spent my days
- My discover scuba diving course in the pool
- Watching the men fish off of the back of our boat and catching a HUGE Mahi Mahi
- Being eaten alive by mosquitos and every other possible kind of insect
- Various Movie nights
- Pool volleyball
- Dinner at the Moody Marlin night after night
- Watching the local Fijian children cross the beach on their horse or with arms full of coconut
- Swaying in the fishnet hammock
- Late night Kava ceremonies
- The words "Tacki" (more), Bula (Hello), Vinaka (Thank- you)
- The friendliness of all the Mango Bay staff (Bati, Jack, Jo, etc)
- Jumping 14,000 feet out of a moving plane.
- Drink pitchers.
- Swimming in the pool at 4am with the Norwegian girls and the "Brainies" AKA the two Canadian guys we befriended.
- Playing the drinking game "Never have I ever"
- Rain storm that sent everyone ducking for cover.
- Late night shower (after bon fire)

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