Saturday, January 5, 2008

You know you`ve stayed at Mango Bay way too long when:

- The staff all know you by name
- You`ve taken part in a dozen Kava ceremonies are actually beginning to acquire a taste for it.
- The bartender knows your preferred drink.
- The nightly bon fire songs are all starting to sound the same.
- You`ve tried every item on the dinner menu more than once.
- You can predict the daily activity listing.
- You recognize all new guests and know where everyone is staying
- You are down to your last "dry" outfit
- Your clothes have started to take on that damp, wet dog smell.
- You can predict the arrivals of tour groups at the resort.
- You have ranked the shower stalls from "best to worst"
- The zillions of frogs in your path no longer bother you.
- The mosquito bites have progressed from your ankles to all the way up your legs and knees
- You are frightened to take a look at your room bill because this "charge everything to your room" tactic may just have worked in the owner`s favor.
- You actually start participating in the bon fire sing along despite the fact that you acknowledge that you have the "voice of a tractor."
- You start to recognize your butt imprint in the beach lounger.
- They`ve run out of your favorite drink.
- You forget what a car looks like.
- You have learned to block out the noise of early morning departures.
- You can quote rates on all of the sports activities to new arrivals.
- You might actually have to offer your services to be able to settle your bar/room tab.

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