Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 2, 2008 "Vanuatu on a Shoestring (or not!)"

Another week has passed me by. Sadly, another adventure in another country has come to an end...

New Year`s Eve 2007 was another interesting one for the books. In fact, it was so interesting, that I didn`t make it out of bed or eat anything for two entire days (as was the case for my Aussie & British friends who joined me on the bender). Though it was without a doubt one for the books, I probably wouldn`t go so far as to say that I outdid my prom adventure which placed me on the couch for a grand total of five days. Despite the fact that it led to some very sluggish travelers for a few days, it was a pretty quiet evening. We spent it drinking around the Nomads bar, and sitting around some tables quietly talking amongst ourselves while trying hard not to listen to the terrible music provided by a local singer (if you could call it that). At midnight, there were some fireworks over the bay, and then we continued to hang out in the quietness of the near abandoned restaurant. The important thing is that I actually saw in the New Year this year as opposed to last year in Thailand, in which case I retired to my bed by 11:30pm. Hooray for me!!!

Having spent some time in Vanuatu as a backpacker, I would conclude that it would not be an ideal destination for a backpacker on any kind of a budget. While the country is definitely tapping into the backpacker market by offering dormitory accommodations throughout the various islands, tours, food, clothing, and activities are incredibly expensive. What I found to be especially puzzling was the set up at my "flashpacker" hotel. Geared toward backpackers, the dinner menu listing did not offer a single item under the equivalent of $13 Canadian. The majority of the items were in the $20 range, with fries being the exception at a mere $3.50. This being said, it will come of no surprise that fries were usually the item of choice among the backpacking guests. All of this being said, Vanuatu is a fantastic country offering so much for the eye to see, but it will definitely do a number on your savings account (but then again- so will Mango Bay Resort with its gentle push toward the bar).
Tomorrow I shall find myself in yet another country: Australia & on the doorstep of my good friend`s (Shaina).

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