Monday, January 7, 2008

Officially employed!

Hunting for a job and a place to stay here in Sydney could not have been easier! It`s as though a job and a place to stay just kind of fell on my lap--- literally! My travel guide suggested seeking live-in employment with a hostel, and so I googled job opportunities with hostels in Sydney, e-mailed one in Coogee (beach suburb), and heard back within hours from the manager who mentioned there was a management position available as of lately--- and to call him back about it. The next morning I called him, headed over to Bondi to meet him, and then arranged to meet again in Coogee. This afternoon, I arrived at the hostel in Coogee to go over the computer system with him, and the next thing I know--- he`s asking me when I`d like to move in! I literally got a job from the first place I applied to! YIPPEEEEE! My first day in Sydney, I had convinced myself that it would be extremely difficult to find both a place to stay and employment--- and it was a piece of cake!!!

I am officially employed as a receptionist manager at a hostel in a beautiful beach suburb of Sydney and am pretty excited about it. Honestly, I cannot think of a job that would have been any better suited to my wants and needs. Basically, I am an evening receptionist at the front desk of the hostel (which means I get to sleep in), I live on site rent free (hello travel savings!), I don`t need to spend hours on public transportation getting to and from work, I`m right on the beach, the atmosphere is super laid back, and I get to be surrounded by people my own age. As part of the position, I am on call 24 hours, but seeing as how I will be living on site--- and the farthest I`ll probably venture is across the road to the beach--- it shouldn`t be too bad. I think the best thing about the job is that you get to be yourself. There is absolutely no butt kissing involved! Backpackers are a unique breed that doesn`t need or want to be wined and dined. They are very low maintenance and chilled... (which is right up my alley! I`m through with the high maintenance hotel business...)

Hotel World: "Excuse me, Mr. Smith. Have you decided whether or not you would like to make a booking with us and become one of our valued guests? Please take your time and should you decide to have us welcome you here at .... hotel, it would be my pleasure to assist you in making a reservation."

Hostel World: "Hey dude- are you ready to make a reservation? You don`t know yet? You don`t have a credit card on you? Ok, well then come back when you`ve figured your garbage out."


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