Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Glimpse at Bondi AKA "Blue Crush meets Malibu Beach"

I shouldn`t underestimate my own abilities and should be more confident in my ability to read directions and find my way from one end of a large city to the other. This morning, I set out from the apartment on my own equipped with ample maps, numbers, and addresses--- and I experienced absolutely zero problems in getting myself from my starting point of Dulwich Hill to Central Station--- and finally Bondi Beach. I admit that I was extremely proud of myself today and if I could pat myself on the back, I surely would!

I made my way over to Bondi beach this afternoon for an informal interview for a potential position that I really hope works out. It is a live- in surfside hostel receptionist/management position right on the beach. Not only is it directly related to my schooling, but it is rent free, directly on the beach, involves working with and meeting people my own age, and it means not having to start looking for a place to live. Furthermore, it has perks like a provided cell phone, etc. I have a meeting with the hostel owner on Monday at 1pm at which time we`ll discuss the position further. My fingers are crossed, but then again--- it is still early---- this was the very first (and only) position I`ve applied to yet.

I cannot even begin to describe what it was like to see Bondi beach come into view from my location at the front of the bus. There, sprawled out before me, was this immense beach with such a ferocity--- men in wetsuits carrying their surfboards, made their way toward the waves. In the distance, you could make out the surfers catching the waves. I had never before seen any kind of surfing face to face, and it was so neat to stand back and watch it. It was such a "Blue Crush meets Malibu beach" atmosphere and I couldn`t help but think that Theresa is meant to have a spot in its sand somewhere.

My impression of Sydney on Day 2 (after spending a few hours browsing through the shops of its central core): "It`s like Tokyo meets Toronto"---- I have never seen so many Asians in a Western type environment. Every second shop was run by an Asian--- and there is an immense Asian presence.

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