Saturday, April 26, 2008

5 weeks to Malaysia and the Philippines...

MUST GET IN SHAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

35 days until I set out on my Southeast Asia adventure in Malaysia and the Philippines. Sadly, Coogee has turned me into a lazy choco-holic! It`s time to crack down on myself and whip myself into "better shape" (top shape may be asking for too much! haha). Beginning tomorrow (after today`s hangover subsides), it`s strictly healthy eating and walking/running a minimum of 5 days a week. The American leaves Tuesday, the majority of the girls have moved on--- so there should be no excuses or distractions anymore! It`s time to focus, focus, focus !!!!

MAY GOALS: 1). Absolutely no chocolate, chips, or junk food of any kind for 1 whole month! 2). Be active at least 5 days per week 3). Absolutely no more alcohol consumption! 4). Increase H2O intake...

I will periodically report my progress... (I was looking through freshman year pics a few night`s ago and was absolutely traumatized!!!!!!!!... Must not go down that road again!!!

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