Saturday, April 19, 2008

An evening stroll along Darling Harbour...

April 18, 2008:

With a mere 6 weeks left to my "life in Sydney" I`ve decided that it`s high time I get out there and see some of the sites! The hostel is finally beginning to slow down quite a bit and there are only a few of us "lifer`s" left in dorm #3. Canadian Meaghan (one of the lifer`s who`ll be leaving on Tuesday to make her way up the East Coast) and I finally got our act together this afternoon and decided to make our way into the city to do a bit of city exploring. Our original plan was to hit up both Paddy`s Market and the fish market, but because it rained all morning and we were late getting out--- it was after 4pm by the time we made it into the city (45 minute bus ride on a Friday afternoon) and so we were too late to stick to the plan!

Still determined to accomplish something, we decided to go for a stroll along Darling Harbour--- literally stopping every 5 seconds to pose for one picture or another.... With the sun now setting by 6pm, it wasn`t too long before we found ourselves in the dark and so we ended up chatting over green tea lattes at good `ol Starbucks!... (I`ve decided that a Starbucks pic is going to be my new travel trademark--- no matter where in the world I find myself--- it seems as though there`s always a Starbucks just around the corner!)

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