Friday, April 25, 2008

Rockin` the good `ol Aussie mullet! hehe

I`ve never seen a group of people rock the mullet hairstyle like the Aussies do. Grown men, young boys, baby boys, and grandaddies alike! BOY do they love the short on top long in back look! hehe... Funny story--- my American friend who has been here three months now was growing pretty desperate for a trim. He found himself in a local barber shop. The wrong razor length and forty dollars later, he too was rockin` the good `ol Aussie mullet!!! HAHA (sadly he was so traumatized by the makeover that he shaved his entire head the very minute he got home...)--- (Too bad! It would`ve made a good pic for my blog!)

I couldn`t help but snap a shot of this little guy as he splashed about in the water downtown Sydney this afternoon... Boy is he going to resent his poor Aussie parents a few years down the road! hehe

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