Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fall Foliage in May???... How backwards!

" Leaves in the autumn come tumbling down,Scarlet and yellow, russet and brown,Leaves in the garden are swept in a heap,Trees are undressing ready for sleep."

Sometimes I find it pretty comical when I take a moment and really think of how very little I know about other parts of the world.

When I was packing to come away to Australia, I was focusing on tank tops, shorts, bikinis, and sleeveless tops. As I reluctantly chucked aside several skimpy tees to make room for a single sweatshirt, I thought to myself, "I`m packing this, but silly me--- I`m NEVER going to have need for a sweater in AUSTRALIA!" I had this glorified image of Australia as being that surreal foreign land across the ocean comprised of year- round pristine white sand beaches, 30 degree weather, and scorching hot weather that makes your skin melt day after day! Haha--- boy was I wrong! While there are in fact days in which you can get away with wearing merely a tank and a pair of short shorts, by evening--- (when the sun has set which is about 5pm these days! Yeah- I know! Craziness!) it is actually really chilly outside.

A few weeks ago, I actually added a second doona to my already existing one! Upon checking into my room a few months back, I found it odd that the hostel supplied comforters in Australia. I thought that a light sheet would have been suffice... and here I am these days harboring two doonas! haha

I am turned completely backwards as a result of the queer weather! It`s nearly June and I find myself kicking aside bright orange leaves as I make my walk down the streets of Sydney. With the days growing shorter, the weather resembling that of Fall back home, and the need for layered clothing all of a sudden, I am convinced that Christmas is just around the corner...


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