Saturday, May 31, 2008

Goodbye to you, Surfside!

Well- this is it! As I sit here typing this final blog entry from my desk at Surfside, the large pointer on the clock is slowly pushing its way toward ten o`clock... marking the grande finale to my stint here in Coogee! Only the unknown rests ahead...

I`m not so much worried about setting out for unfamiliar territory. What really worries me is being alone again. For the past five months, I`ve been constantly surrounded by other people. I`ve been constantly hunted down, bombarded with questions, and bothered. There have been virtually no moments of personal space, utter quietness, or "alone" time. In fact, the first few months in room #3 at Surfside were characterized by 20 girls virtually living on top of one another, waiting in line hours for a crack at the washroom. I have never had to eat alone, watch television alone, or so much as cross the street on my own. In fact, I can`t even remember the last time I was REALLY able to concentrate on the television. I`m so accustomed to having to strain to hear the television over the giggles and stories being passed around by the other girls. I`m used to constant chatter, endless evenings out on the town, dinner dates, and group junk food binges in front of the television! Tomorrow night, I shall find myself all alone in a hotel room and I`m not quite sure how I will deal with it giving the fact that I`m so used to having to share everything with everyone... The very idea of it seems almost eerie!

This afternoon, I stocked up on books to see me through the next six weeks. If worse comes to worse, I`ll just pull out a good read. Plus, there`s always facebook as a means to keep up with the rest of the world. Besides, I`m heading out to some of the shopping capitals of the world. There`s nothing quite better than spoiling yourself with new "comforts" from the shopping plaza... hehe... And when all else fails, there`s always the poor vendor dude at the end of the street who is always looking for someone to talk to... (good lord--- let`s hope it doesn`t come to this! hehe)
I wouldn`t even know where to begin if asked to sum up my past few months in Coogee living the hostel life. It`s had its ups & its downs. There have been numerous moments when I`d wanted to run screaming. There have been times when I`d wanted to pull out all of my hair. There have been times when I`ve questioned my backpacking ambitions. On the other hand, there have been LOTS OF LAUGHS, lots of great nights out, lots of friendships made & lots of lessons learned.
On that note- it is time to say good night, put the Coogee chapter behind me, and move toward the next... Goodbye to you, Surfside!

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