Thursday, February 14, 2008

Australia`s Greatest Asset!

I`ve been away from home for a few months now and so I`m not sure whether or not this KitKat find has hit Canadian shelves as of yet, but let me tell you----- it is absolutely fantastic! If you think cookie dough ice cream is a real treat, one bite of a KitKat Cookie Dough and you`ll think you`ve hit the jackpot! Just think about it----- actual creamy cookie dough crammed in between layers of KitKat wafers and chocolate! Bon Appetit!

Chocolate bars not appearing on Australian shelves:

- Reese peanut butter cups (what are they thinking?)
- Oh Henry
- Mr. Big
- Pretty much any peanut butter chocolate bars (with the exception of Snickers)

Australian chocolate substitutes:

- Tim Tams (Australian chocolate cookies prevalent throughout Australia)
- Twirl (not so good)
- Nutella (Sure we eat it at home, but these people consume it in massive quantities. While I would say that it is a fairly new phenomenon back home, it is apparently generations old here in Australia)

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Danielle LeBlanc said...

Okay, maybe Nutella is relatively new to you, but it has been a staple in my cupboard for a long time (unless I have banned it for weight control purposes!) Obviously the Australians know a good thing when they see it. I look forward to KitKat Cookie Dough....bring home some samples if you ever come back.