Thursday, February 7, 2008

A day in my running shoes!

So I`ve started a new workout rountine that involves walking the "Coastal Trail" from Coogee Beach all the way to Bondi Beach. Thus far, I`ve only walked it a few times each week, but with my new tummy tattoo in mind, I`m going to force myself to complete it more often! The walk between Coogee and Bondi takes a little over one hour each way--- and it is absolutely phenomenal! The trail winds along the coast, thereby passing along several breath- taking beaches. Each time I set out on the trail, I find myself thinking to myself "Is this for real?" To think that so much beauty lies just outside my front door... Bronte Beach...

A lot of the beaches have swimming pools built on top of the ocean!

Australian lawn bowling... a very popular sport!

And finally: Surfside Coogee--- my home away from home!

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