Thursday, February 7, 2008

February Update from OZ

I wish I could say that I`ve just been too busy with work or too caught up in the sunny Sydney summer weather to update my blog, but the truth is---- I still have not gotten off my rear end to seek volunteer or part- time work---- and the weather in Sydney has been a real nightmare!
I`m really satisfied with myself for having so easily secured a full- time job directly on the beach that offers various perks such as free accommodation, etc, but I really need to motivate myself this week to get out there and find both part- time employment (to maximize my savings) and volunteer work (to build up that resume!). Living on the beach and surrounded by vacationers, it`s been hard for me to get out of that "I`m on vacation" frame of mind.

I remember reading somewhere that Sydney boasts 300 sunny days per year. I`d like to know where they pulled that figure from because I`ve been in Syndey about 30 days now and have definitely witnessed about 15 rainy ones. Monday`s headline read "Sydney to get a month`s worth of rain in 4 days!"
Anyways, I`m just chilling here in Dulwich Hill at Shaina`s apartment. I can`t even begin to describe to you how much of a relief it can be to get out of Coogee for even a few hours. Living at my work, and surrounded by the same people and stores day after day--- I sometimes start to get antsy and feel as though I need to break out of the bubble. I`m quite happy to spend my birthday stuffing my face, catching up on facebook, watching tv (a real luxury), and doing my laundry in an actual apartment (which coming from a 20- girl dorm is heaven on earth!).

Mind you- my living arrangements in Coogee are not that bad at all. I am really enjoying the hostel life. Despite the fact that there isn`t much privacy, the television has been broken for over a month now, and it can be rowdy at times, there`s always someone around to talk to, always someone looking for someone to go out with, and always someone there to lend you something you just cannot for the life of you find in the chaos factor that is your backpack.

I`ve officially been living in the dorm for 4 weeks now (as of today) and everyday is a new adventure! There are several girls in the dorm who`ve been there as long as I have, and several others who intend to be there for the next while. For the most part- we are like one big happy family. Of course there are times when we`d like to scratch out each other`s eyeballs or attack the girl whose been in the bathroom for the last hour, but for the most part, we gather around and chit chat, listen to music, sip wine, and update one another of the current events in our lives. Here are a few pics from the dorm...

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