Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indian food, chocolate cake.... & Leonie!!!

Thursday, May 22:

Living in Sydney is characterized by the constant influx of Banff faces... This week brought with it a surprise visit from my old roomie from Banff, Leonie... Leonie, who has been busy traveling & working throughout Canada and the USA over the past year and a half, decided on a whim that it was time for her to return home to Australia (she`s from Perth but decided to pay a visit to Shaina & I on her way home).

Tonight, Shaina and Leonie decided to come visit me over at Surfside and I couldn`t have been more excited. Honest to god--- the build up to seeing some familiar faces--- I felt like a "fat kid in a candy store" (pardon the not particularly tasteful mataphor...hehe)

Once the girls arrived at the hostel, we busied ourselves with preparing some butter chicken curry... and it was delicious!!! Here are a few pics from the reunion...

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